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          Are you looking for a way to reinvent the traditional vendor marketplace? Consider adding composable commerce to your bag of tricks. This marketing approach enables businesses to bring to their brands a distinct method to continuously optimize their customers' experiences. [More...]

          High ranking business executives say ransomware is a major concern to them but their organizations are unprepared to do anything about it. Those were the findings of a poll released Monday by global consulting and advisory services firm Deloitte. [More...]

          Backed by many of the world's largest companies for more than a decade, the Software Package Data Exchange specification is now an internationally recognized ISO/IEC JTC 1 standard. This comes during a transformational time for software and supply chain security. The Linux Foundation announced Thursday that the SPDX specification has been published as ISO/IEC 5962:2021. [More...]

          A pair of recent studies highlight changing shopper attitudes as the pandemic continues its stranglehold on the supply chain for most industries. Two clear-cut consumer trends have surfaced: online shoppers want more self-service options and an overall more-efficient shopping experience. [More...]